Aubrey and Owl’s

Adventures 1

Chapter 1:  The Robbers

Follow our adventurers as they survey the town to test their street photography skills. They come across some criminals. Their adventure is to take photos of the crooks without being seen and tell Sergeant Bellamy of the police. Will they succeed?

Chapter 2: The Zoo

Aubrey and Owl investigate how animals are treated in the town’s zoo and are concerned with what they find. Mr. Lester at the newspaper is interested.

Chapter 3: What is that?

Our photographers had a day taking shots of the local canal too highlight a litter problem in the town. On studying their work, the next day, they noticed a strange object in the water. What was it?

This could be interesting to the police as well as Mr. Lester.

Chapter 4: The Haunted House.

It was raining and the camera is not waterproof. So, an inside adventure is required. Perhaps the town’s haunted house could provide an adventure.

Chapter 5: Safety in the Town

Mr. Lester at the newspaper wants to present the town as a safe place to be and would like Aubrey and Owl to gather photographs as part of an article. Our adventurers set forth and discover that all is not well in the town and its citizens.

Chapter 6: The Treasure Hunt

There is a discovery in the attic of Aubrey’s house that could be of great interest to the of the town’s history. Involving Sergeant Bellamy, Mr. Lester and Professor Maxim they uncover a secret that has been hidden for years.

Chapter 7: The Treasure Hunt (Part two)

There are more secrets to be uncovered, much to the town’s surprise.