Aubrey and Owl’s

Adventures 3

Chapter 1:  The International Fair

An International fair arrives bring cultural events from all over the world.

Could this be an opportunity for Shifty Ted and his gang?

Chapter 2: Raja

Raja joins the camera club and has an eventful first shoot with mayhem at the town’s dog show.

Chapter 3: The Visitor from Japan

A famous street photographer arrives from Japan and helps the camera club solve a crime

Chapter 4: The Mascot

The Camera Club gain a mascot.

Snapper the dog has a nose (and a tail) for sensing an adventure.

Chapter 5: John the Crocodile

The Camera Club get extra help in the country.

Chapter 6: The Museum

A special exhibition at the town’s museum gives the club extra work, but Shifty Ted is also around.

Chapter 7: The Courtroom

Shifty Ted is brought to justice, or is he?